Emily & Jesus

I am so, so happy that Allie was our videographer. When I was debating whether or not to opt for a videographer for our wedding, I perused countless websites and watched endless videos. I knew that it was a necessity when I found myself crying at strangers’ weddings, and I emailed Allie immediately. From the very beginning, she was communicative and organized yet easy-going. I greatly appreciated that she did not try to “upsell” us and instead encouraged us to go with a less-expensive package. She was super flexible, including by incorporating our vows as voiceovers on our highlight video. (We appreciated that she pulled us aside after the ceremony and had us record the vows in a quiet space, as that also allowed us a moment to just be with each other in the midst of an amazingly busy day.) I loved spending our wedding day with Allie (and want her to be my new best friend): she was so kind, so personable, so easy-going, and just the absolute best. We have watched our video on a loop for the last few months and know that we will continue to do so throughout the years. Opting for a videographer — especially Allie as our videographer — was one of the best decisions we made.